• Common Vacuum Terminology 2

    Common Vacuum Terminology 2

    1.Pa pascal:International unit of pressure, 1Pa = 1N/m2. 2.Torr torr:Unit of pressure, 1 Torr = 1/760 atm.China PVD Coating Systems suppliers atm standard atmosphere:Unit of pressure, 1atm=101325Pa。 3.mbar millibar:Unit of pressure, 1mbar=102Pa。 4.partial pressure:Pressure of a component in a mixture of gases. pressure:The sum of the pressures of all components in the mixture. 6.vacuum:The state of a gas below ambient atmospheric pressure in a specified space. of vacuum:The degr... read more

    26 Oct,2019 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology1

    Common Vacuum Terminology1

    standard ambient condition:The temperature is 20℃, the relative humidity is 65%, and the atmospheric pressure is101325Pa=1013.25mbar=760Torr。PVD Coating Systems suppliers standard reference conditions for gases:The temperature is 0℃ and the pressure is101325Pa. p pressure:When a gas molecule passes through a hypothetical plane, the momentum change rate along the normal direction of the plane is divided by the plane area or the normal component of the force acting on the surface of the contai... read more

    19 Oct,2019 Industry News
  • A solid surface is bombarded with energetic particles

    A solid surface is bombarded with energetic particles

    sputtering deposition Basic Principles A solid surface is bombarded with energetic particles (usually positive ions accelerated by an electric field). Sputtering of atoms and molecules on solid surface after exchanging kinetic energy with incident energetic particles is called sputtering. Sputtered atoms (or clusters) have a certain amount of energy. They can be re-deposited and condensed on the surface of solid substrates to form thin films, called sputtering coatings.China Plasma Coating Machi... read more

    12 Oct,2019 Industry News
  • Vacuum evaporation plating

    Vacuum evaporation plating

    Vacuum evaporation plating Basic Principles Vacuum evaporation coating is a method of heating the raw materials to form thin films in evaporation container in vacuum chamber to make atoms or molecules escape from the surface and form vapor flow to the surface of solid (called substrate or substrate) to condense and form solid films. The reasons for stricter requirements for vacuum evaporation, especially for vacuum environment, are as follows: Prevent reactions due to air molecules and evaporati... read more

    30 Sep,2019 Industry News
  • Common vacuum leak detection methods

    Common vacuum leak detection methods

    Common vacuum leak detection methods   High Frequency Spark Leak Detection   This method is only applicable toChina Multi-arc ion coating machine Supplier glass vacuum system. Firstly, the system is vacuum pumped. The spark end of the high frequency spark leak detector moves along the glass surface, and the sparks concentrate in bunches to form the instant leak position at the bright spot.   read more

    20 Sep,2019 Industry News

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