• Can PVD coating replace chemical electroplating?

    Can PVD coating replace chemical electroplating?

    At the present stage, PVD coating cannot replace chemical electroplating, PVD coating can be done directly on the surface of stainless steel materials, but many other materials (such as zinc alloy, copper, iron, etc.) should be electroplated by Cr(chromium) before PVD coating.VD Coating Systems Manufacturers   PVD coating is mainly used for some high-grade hardware products. For those hardware products with low price, it is usually only used for electroplating instead of PVD coating. read more

    Jul 16,2020 News
  • what is pvd(II)

    what is pvd(II)

    PVD is the abbreviation of Physical Vapor Deposition (Physical Vapor Deposition). It refers to the practice of using low-voltage and high-current arc discharge technology to vaporize the target material and ionize both the evaporated material and gas under vacuum conditions. By using the acceleration of electric field, the evaporated material and its reaction products are deposited on the workpiece.China PVD Coating Systems Manufacturers     PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology i... read more

    Jul 11,2020 News
  • what is Diffusion pump?

    what is Diffusion pump?

    Several common vacuum pumps in vacuum coating technology   Diffusion pump Diffusion pump is one of the most widely used and main tools to obtain high vacuum, usually referred to as oil diffusion pump. Diffusion pump is a kind of secondary pump, it needs mechanical pump as the front pump.Plasma Coating Machine Manufacturers   Danko Vacuum Technology Company Ltd is committed to expand our market boundaries by providing high-quality, high-performance vacuum coating equipment. Our Company ... read more

    Jun 13,2020 News
  • What is the development prospect of vacuum coating machine?

    What is the development prospect of vacuum coating machine?

    First of all I want to ask, do you want to be a coating machine? Du or trading company reselling? The coating machine is divided into various types, evaporation type, sputtering type, and many special uses.Decorative vacuum coating machine Now, the mainstream of optical coating is electron beam heating and evaporation. Its performance parameters are directly related to the accuracy of the evaporation bin, evaporation source, vacuum forming system, and control system. At present, the world’s majo... read more

    Jun 05,2020 News
  • Common targets and corresponding colors

    Common targets and corresponding colors

    Common targets and corresponding colors   Middle color rose gold Ti    TiCN Zr    ZrCN CrAI  CrAINDecorative Vacuum Coating Machine Suppliers   Purple Oxides of Ti, Cr, Zr, SUS       Film color control (taking rose color as an example)   During the coating process, the flow rate of reaction gas (n Е, C Е h Е) is constantly changing.   The ratio of the two reactive gases has an effect on the final color. read more

    May 29,2020 News

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