• The basic concept of color

    The basic concept of color

    When we see an object, we first feel its color. The color of matter is visible to the human eye. If there is no light in the closed darkroom, or in the dark night, the color of the object is invisible. Only in light, the color of matter can be seen by the naked eye, so we say that color is produced by the interaction of light and eyes. In fact, color is the result of the brain's recognition of different kinds of light projected on the retina.Chrome Metallization Coating Machine Suppliers   ... read more

    Apr 03,2020 Industry News
  • frequently asked questions

    frequently asked questions

    What is the reason for the difference of adsorption between vacuum evaporation and vacuum splashing?   Sputtering is a strong adsorption of positive and negative electrodes, so the adsorption of sputtering is more uniform, the density is greater, the hardness is greater, and the price of sputtering is 10% - 20% higher than that of evaporation.Plasma Coating Machine Manufacturers   Why can vacuum coating be made into different colors, and seven colors?   Because after the vacuum ev... read more

    Mar 25,2020 News
  • Vacuum sputtering

    Vacuum sputtering

    1, introduction   Usually refers to the magnetron sputtering, which belongs to the high-speed low-temperature sputtering method. Inert gas (AR) is filled in vacuum and high-voltage direct current is added between the cavity and the metal target (cathode). As the electron generated by glow discharge excites the inert gas to generate argon positive ion, the positive ion moves towards the cathode target at high speed, and the target atom is blasted out, and deposited on the plastic substrate t... read more

    Mar 19,2020 News
  • Vacuum evaporation coating method

    Vacuum evaporation coating method

    1, introduction   Vacuum evaporation is the process of evaporation or sublimation of the material to be coated in vacuum to make it deposit on the surface of the workpiece or substrate.   The principle is to heat the raw material of the film to be formed in the evaporation container in a vacuum chamber to make its atoms or molecules vaporize and escape from the surface, forming a vapor flowing into the solid (called substrate or substrate) surface to condense and form a solid film. &nb... read more

    Mar 13,2020 News
  • Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum coating

    Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum coating

    1, advantages   The surface has a good metal texture and delicate. Compared with water electroplating, the color can solve the problems of seven colors, such as magic blue and silver flash lamp; compared with water electroplating, the color is monotonous, generally there are only a few kinds of bright silver and silver. Base material material selection range is wide, such as PC, ABS, PMMA, (only ABS, ABS + PC can be selected for water plating). Through indium tin plating can be made semi tr... read more

    Mar 06,2020 News

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