• Overview of vacuum coating

    Overview of vacuum coating

    Vacuum coating is an important aspect in the field of vacuum application. It is a new technology based on vacuum technology, using physical or chemical methods, and absorbing a series of new technologies, such as electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, plasma beam, radio frequency and magnetic control, to provide a new technology for scientific research and practical production. Simply speaking, the method of evaporating or sputtering metal, alloy or compound in vacuum to make it solidify and d... read more

    Feb 26,2020 News
  • What is the surface treatment of inoxlook pvd coating

    What is the surface treatment of inoxlook pvd coating

    The surface treatment object can be metal (such as steel) or non-metal (such as plastic). The types of surface treatment are different based on the surface properties of different substances, and the new surfacePVD Plating Machine properties required for the finished product are also different, so there are many types of surface treatment processes. Here are some examples: Electroplating read more

    Feb 22,2020 News
  • What is the principle of PVD vacuum coating

    What is the principle of PVD vacuum coating

    PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. The working principle is that under vacuum conditions, the gas or the evaporated substance is separated by using gas discharge, and the vapor or the reactant is deposited on the substrate while the gas ions or the evaporated substance ions bombard. It has the characteristics of fast deposition speed and clean surface, and especially has the advantages of strong film adhesion, good winding, an... read more

    Feb 14,2020 News


    Diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coatings are a particular area of expertise for Richter Precision Inc. Among PVD & PaCVD coating compositions and technology, DLC coatings stand out as a distinctive category. These coatings exhibit a desirable combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness, making them extremely effective in many tribological and wear applications. DLC coatings are formed when ionized and decomposed carbon or hydrocarbon species land on the surface of a substr... read more

    Feb 10,2020 Industry News
  • The Best Applications for Use With PVD Coating

    The Best Applications for Use With PVD Coating

    The new technology and progress allows applying PVD coating materials to a great range of products and for a large range of purposes. These coatings have many significant benefits to offer in many areas of industrial and household production. Let's take a look at some of the possible applications of PVD coating. Now, PVD stands for the name of the special application method of these hard coatings. It means physical vapor deposition. It's an edge cutting technology method, which allows covering d... read more

    Jan 21,2020 Industry News

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