• Common Vacuum Terminology6

    Common Vacuum Terminology6

    1.adsorption:Adsorption of gases or vapors (adsorbates) on solid or liquid (adsorbents) surfaces. 2.physisorption:Adsorption due to physical action.Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine Factory 3.chemisorption:Adsorption due to chemical action. 4.absorption:The diffusion of gas or vapor (adsorbate) into solid or liquid (adsorbent). 5.α accommodation factor:The ratio of the average energy exchanged between a particle incident on a surface and the actual energy exchanged on the surface to the average... read more

    21 Nov,2019 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology5

    Common Vacuum Terminology5

    1.diffusion of gas:Gas moves in another medium due to concentration gradient. Medium can be another gas (diffusion in this case is called interdiffusion) or a condensable substance. 2.D diffusion coefficient; diffusivity:The ratio of the absolute mass flow rate per unit area to the normal concentration gradient per unit area is obtained.China PVD Plating Machine Suppliers 3.viscous flow:The average free path of gas molecule is much smaller than the minimum cross-section size of the duct. Therefo... read more

    15 Nov,2019 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology 4

    Common Vacuum Terminology 4

    1.ψ collision rate:In a given time interval, the average number of collisions of a molecule (or other specified particles) relative to other gas molecules (or other specified particles) divided by that time. The average number of collisions should be obtained at a sufficient number of molecules and a sufficient time interval.China Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturers 2.χ volume collision rate:In a given time interval, the average number of collisions between gas molecules in the space... read more

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  • Common Vacuum Terminology 3

    Common Vacuum Terminology 3

    ranges of vacuum:The vacuum region is roughly divided as follows:                       Pa        Torr Low vacuum:            105~102         760~1 Medium vacuum:          102~10-1        1~10-3 High vacuum:            10-1~10-5       10-3~10-7 Ultra-high vacuum:       <10-5           <10-7 gas:Substances that are free to occupy any space and are not subject to intermolecular interactions. Note: In vacuum technology, the term "gas" is not strictly applied to non-condensable gases and ... read more

    01 Nov,2019 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology 2

    Common Vacuum Terminology 2

    1.Pa pascal:International unit of pressure, 1Pa = 1N/m2. 2.Torr torr:Unit of pressure, 1 Torr = 1/760 atm.China PVD Coating Systems suppliers atm standard atmosphere:Unit of pressure, 1atm=101325Pa。 3.mbar millibar:Unit of pressure, 1mbar=102Pa。 4.partial pressure:Pressure of a component in a mixture of gases. pressure:The sum of the pressures of all components in the mixture. 6.vacuum:The state of a gas below ambient atmospheric pressure in a specified space. of vacuum:The degr... read more

    26 Oct,2019 Industry News

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