Several industries benefit from tribological coatings

Summary:Tribological Coating Machine Several industries benefit from tribological coatings. They reduce the ...
Several industries benefit from tribological coatings. They reduce the friction of moving surfaces and increase wear resistance. They are commonly used in machinery, including engines and medical implants. These coatings can also be applied to decorative metals and polymers. In addition, they have applications in consumer and space environments.
Tribological coatings can be deposited using a variety of processes. One of the more advanced processes is electrical discharge coating, which can reduce the coefficient of friction of metal components. Moreover, it can improve the hardness of the material. Other technologies include reactive magnetron sputtering, which deposits oxides and carbides from the metal target.
High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) is an enhanced PVD process, which involves the use of a custom target and reactive gas control. This technology is capable of producing thin, high-performance coatings. It also requires containment of the RF power. It is also more environmentally friendly, since it does not require the use of lubricants.
Tribo-coatings are a specialized technology that is used to improve the properties of the surface. These coatings are applied to both metallic and polymer surfaces, and are usually applied at a low temperature. These coatings are able to enhance the surface's hardness, corrosion resistance, and self-lubricating properties. In addition, they can also be applied to non-conductive materials.
Other coatings are used to protect against extreme wear. Some of these are formulated with specific additives to protect against galling and pitting. They also increase the life of mechanical parts and enhance their quality compliance. These coatings can also be applied to metal cutting tools, which are susceptible to abrasive wear. Moreover, they can be applied on supersonic aircrafts that are subjected to high impact velocities.
Another technology is diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings. These coatings are composed of nano-crystalline diamond and silicon carbide. They are one of the toughest coatings on Earth. They have been used for military operations and are available for use on metals, ceramics, and composite substrates. They are also a popular choice for machining aluminum.
Another advanced technique is vacuum deposition. This method is much more environmentally friendly than electro-deposition. It can apply dense coatings at low temperatures. It also allows the control of the energy of ions directly from the target. It is a good alternative for coating conductive material.
In addition to tribological coatings, GGB provides a range of solutions to improve the performance of surface coatings. They offer a wide range of tribological coating machine equipment, as well as industry leading coating services. These equipment are designed for flexible use, and ensure a low cost of ownership. This equipment is also extremely customizable, which allows customers to select the best coating system for their application.
The Tribo 500 series was developed for in-house coating centers, as well as for fast paced multiple coating jobs. It is a versatile, highly configurable tool that can be upgraded to cover the full range of standard tribological coatings. It has up to six source positions, and can be adapted to fit various applications.
Tools And Moulds Coating Machine

System Summary
Tools PVD Thin Film Deposition Vacuum Coating Machine is high performing and easy operating, equipped with arc sputtering system. This machine offers a wide range of application, such as hard film coating, abrasion resistance coating and exterior coating on tools of cutting, stamping, molding and metal die-casting, with DLC (diamond like coating) function to improve the hardness.
Substrates can be three-dimensional motion, to enhance the uniform of coating. The full automatic control processing is steady and perfect.
System Type
• Vertical Batch – Single or double door
• TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN, TiAlCN, TiCrN, TiCrN, TiCrCN, TiAlCrN and other multilayer super hard coatings.
• Precision mould industry: Stamping die, die cut, standard mold, etc.
• Tools industry: drill, milling head, broaches, gear cutters, etc.
• Auto industry: pistons, piston rings, alloy wheels, etc.
• Engine parts: non-ferrous metal cutting tools, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel forming stamping dies, sliding seal parts, injection molds, etc.
• Racing car parts: valve parts, piston accessories, hydraulic parts /suspension /gearbox.
• Auto car industry: chassis parts, brake components, engine parts, transmission parts.
• Medical technology.

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