What influences the price of PVD coating?


Most people's judgment on the requirements does not depend on the value of the PVD coating, but on the reference set by the individual!

This is the logic in life, and the same problem appears in the practice of PVD coating management.Ceramic Tile PVD Coating System

Especially in price negotiations, PVD coatings often set a certain reserve price and adopt the theoretical price estimated by collective wisdom.

We call the reference that affects the price of PVD coating the customer's acceptance value.

That is to say, one of the factors that affect the price of PVD coating is customer acceptance value.

The value accepted by customers is the purchase value. Any customer buying PVD coating will always have a reason for his purchase, which is the focus of marketers.

Experienced salespersons often ask customers directly: What will you buy for? What can I do for you? Then, if the customer's requirements are met, the transaction is universal.

Sales staff use customer acceptance value to sell PVD coatings. In real life, we often use psychological prices to weigh manufacturers' PVD coatings and implement PVD coating activities.

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