What is the vacuum coating machine used for?


Vacuum coating machine China Plasma Coating Machine Manufacturersbai mainly refers to a type of zhi coating that needs to be carried out under a higher vacuum du degree, including many types, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, and PLD laser sputtering deposition There are many kinds of waiting. The main idea is divided into evaporation and sputtering
Scope of application:
1. Construction hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucets). Door locks. Door Handle. Bathroom, hardware hinges, furniture, etc.
2. Watchmaking industry: can be used for watch cases. Coating and crystal products for watch straps.
3. Other small hardware: leather hardware. Stainless steel cutlery. Glasses frames, knives, molds, etc.
4. Large workpieces: automobile wheels, stainless steel plates. sign. Sculpture etc.
5. Stainless steel tubes and plates (various types of surfaces)
6. Furniture, lamps, hotel appliances.
7. Hardware products such as locks, handles, bathroom hardware, golf heads, stainless steel tableware, blood vessels, etc. are coated with super hard decorative film.
8. Watches, straps, glasses, jewelry and other decorations are coated with super wear-resistant decorative (gold and silver) nano-film, nano-film and nano-laminated film.
Operating procedure:
For the specific operation of the vacuum coating machine operating procedures, please refer to the equipment manual and the pointer display on the instrument panel on the equipment and the label instructions under each knob.

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