Cleaning method and maintenance of optical vacuum coating machine

Summary:Cleaning and maintenance of the optical vacuum coating machine is a very important part in the opera...
Cleaning and maintenance of the optical vacuum coating machine is a very important part in the operation process. The maintenance and cleaning process are done well, which directly determines the smoothness of the coating process and the improvement of production capacity. How to clean and maintain the machine daily.
  The optical vacuum coating machine works in three shifts and is used for about a week. Because the coating material is not plated on the surface of the workpiece, it may be coated on the lining plate in the studio due to its non-orientation, and the thicker the coating is, the thicker the film is. The organization and winding are loose, and a large amount of gas is absorbed, causing the vacuum coating equipment to pump more and more slowly. At this time, the studio and the lining board should be cleaned. If there are unnecessary parts to be removed, they can be cleaned with sandpaper. The lining board can be soaked in an aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid. The ratio of hydrofluoric acid and water depends on the length of soaking time and the The principle of not hurting the lining.
      The premise is that the lining board must be dried with water before installation. Before drying, the moisture of the lining board should be wiped dry as much as possible. After cleaning the work frame and other parts with sandpaper, all the dust in the vacuum chamber needs to be cleaned up, which can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. When the liner is finally installed, both the vacuum chamber and the liner need to be wiped clean with alcohol. Due to the use of electron guns and ion sources to assist coating, it may be difficult to clean, and methods such as sandblasting can be used to clean.
      The optical coating machine needs to replace the diffusion pump oil regularly. The diffusion pump oil is used for a period of time, about two months (two shifts). Due to the long-term high temperature environment, although the diffusion pump is only activated when the vacuum is relatively high, there are still residual oxygen and other components. It reacts with the diffusion pump oil, and the diffusion pump oil may also crack at high temperature, which reduces its quality and prolongs the pumping time. It should be replaced when in our opinion it has been extended too far.
      Mechanical pump oil and maintenance pump oil are used for two months, and the oil quality will change. Because the oil may be sucked into water, impurities and other reasons, the viscosity of the used oil will deteriorate and the vacuum will drop, so it needs to be replaced. If it is a new equipment, it should be replaced in the first half month of use, because during the running-in period, the oil contains a lot of running-in iron powder, which will aggravate the wear and tear.
      Regularly maintain the sanitation of the optical vacuum coating machine and its surrounding environment, keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean, organize the surrounding environment of the equipment in an orderly manner, and have a good working environment to ensure safety.

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