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Summary: Definition of paint and paintingCoating: refers to a substance with fluidity, and after being attac...

Definition of paint and painting
Coating: refers to a substance with fluidity, and after being attached to the object, after drying and hardening reaction, it turns from a liquid to a solid and forms a thin film, thereby protecting the surface of the object and its beauty.
Painting: In order to give the object anti-corrosion, color beautification, and special functions, the uniform distribution of paint on the surface of the object to form a coating film.

4 major components of paint
Dyes: (1) Give optical functions: coloring, chromatic aberration, gloss; (2) Give dyes unique properties: anti-rust, luminescence, heat resistance, etc.; (3) Improve paint and film performance: workability, hardness, stretch Elongation, adhesion, etc.
Resin: (1) the role of the adhesive between the coated object and the coating; (2) the dispersing medium of the dye; (3) the characteristics of the coating and the film.
Additives: (1) Substances added to improve coating performance; (2) Plasticizers, desiccants, dispersants, film preventives, thickeners, surface smoothing agents, preservatives, ultraviolet absorbers, etc.
Solvent: (1) Dissolving effect: a dissolving agent to form a coating film; (2) Workability: Adjust viscosity and evaporation speed to achieve adjustable drying and spraying operations.

Purpose of painting and type of painting method
1. Protect the object: increase the product's corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, etc. The main materials of automobiles are almost all steel plates. When the steel plates are exposed to the air, they react with the moisture and oxygen in them to rust. To prevent rust, painting is its biggest purpose.
2. The beauty of the object: increase the color, appearance, luster, etc. of the product. The shape of the object has various surfaces or lines such as planes, curved surfaces, straight lines, and curves. Painting on this complex shape to make it have a sense of vertical color is another function of painting.
3. The function of the object: increase the product's heat-resistant coating, reflective coating, insulating coating, etc. According to the use environment of the object and the required functions, some special functions need to be given. The representative ones are corrosion resistance to prevent rust, heat resistance to high temperature, reflection function that can reflect light or heat, insulation that can prevent electric current, etc., and give some special functions according to the requirements of use.
Method type:
Air spraying, airless spraying, dipping coating, shower coating, curtain flow coating, paint roller coating, powder electrostatic coating, electrodeposition coating, paint brushing, roller brushing, electrostatic coating.

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