• The Best Applications for Use With PVD Coating

    The Best Applications for Use With PVD Coating

    The new technology and progress allows applying PVD coating materials to a great range of products and for a large range of purposes. These coatings have many significant benefits to offer in many areas of industrial and household production. Let's take a look at some of the possible applications of PVD coating. Now, PVD stands for the name of the special application method of these hard coatings. It means physical vapor deposition. It's an edge cutting technology method, which allows covering d... read more

    Jan 21,2020 Industry News
  • Application principle of coating machine

    Application principle of coating machine

    Use of automatic coating machine Applicable to the shoe material, electronics industry, sponge, EVA, PE, cloth, etc. Tension system 1. Process requirements The coating machine needs to adhere glue or ink to the surface of aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth textiles. It requires relatively high coating process. It not only requires uniform coating height, but also can achieve high-speed non-stop roll changing to improve production efficiency.Stainless steel sheet and furniture PVD coating machi... read more

    Jan 11,2020 News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology12

    Common Vacuum Terminology12

    1.magnetron sputtering:With the help of the orthogonal electromagnetic field formed on the target surface, the secondary electrons are bound to the specific area of the target surface to enhance the ionization efficiency, increase the ion density and energy, thus achieving high sputtering rate at low voltage and high current. 2.PCVD plasma chemistry vapour deposition:A method for fabricating film on substrates at low temperatures by promoting vapor chemical reactions by plasma generated by disch... read more

    Jan 03,2020 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology11

    Common Vacuum Terminology11

    1.coating angle:The angle between the direction of particles incident on the substrate and the normal of the plated surface. 2.vacuum sputtering:In vacuum, inert gas ions bombard atoms (molecules) or clusters from the target surface. 3.ion beam sputtering:The target is sputtered by an ion beam obtained from a special ion source. 4.glow discharge cleaning:Based on the principle of glow discharge, the surface of substrate and film is cleaned by gas discharge bombardment.China Decorative Vacuum Coa... read more

    Dec 27,2019 Industry News
  • Common Vacuum Terminology 10

    Common Vacuum Terminology 10

    1.Maintenance pump: In vacuum system, the air volume is very small, and the front pump can not be used effectively. For this purpose, a small auxiliary pump is equipped to maintain the main pump, which is called the maintenance pump. If a small rotary vane pump is installed at the outlet of the diffusion pump, it is the maintenance pump.China PVD Coating Machine Suppliers 2.vacuum coating:A method of preparing a film on a substrate in vacuum. 3.Substrate:Membrane acceptor. 4.testing substrate:Su... read more

    Dec 20,2019 News

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