DLC-Diamond like carbon coating



Diamond-like-Carbon coatings are high performing and easy operating, equipped with arc sputtering system, which are used in demanding automotive, non-ferrous material machining and industrial engineering environments where component surfaces are subjected to high contact pressure, intermittent lubrication or dry sliding and rolling environments where severe abrasive and adhesive wear conditions exist. DLC coatings are also commonly applied onto various medical and dental instruments and implants to provide a dark black, anti-reflective and bio-compatible surface with enhanced tribological protection properties.



Coating description


The amorphous CAVIDUR coatings are especially suited for racing and other high-performance engine applications. It is deposited by a combination of PVD and PACVD processes. To guarantee good quality and performance, we perform all CAVIDUR coatings in a clean environment. The coating temperature range is 180 - 350℃. Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD) Is well-established for DLC layer deposition. The process activates chemical reactions through plasma excitation and ionization. We frequently apply the amorphous DYLYN coatings to parts and components for the engineering, automotive, plastics processing, and semiconductor industries. To guarantee good quality and performance, we perform DYLYN coatings in a clean environment. The coating temperature range is 180 - 220 ℃



Take the pole position


We can provide a range of different CAVIDUR coatings to match the differing requirements for various components in a racing engine’s powertrain. To help you evaluate the benefits, we can conduct a trial by applying CAVIDUR coatings to your existing parts.



Well established in the racing industry


For the past twenty years, professional motorsport teams in F1, NASCAR, WRC, DTM and F3 have trusted our CAVIDUR coatings to deliver the performance they require. Motorcycle components can also benefit from the advantages of this treatment.





Performance boost

Reduces friction

Reduces wear and extends part life

Increases part reliability

Protects both coated component and uncoated counterpart

Low surface energy

Low micro porosity

High hardness

Low friction


Excellent adhesion



Typical applications


Piston rings

Valve train components

Oil pump shafts

Components for the automotive, engineering, and semiconductor industries

Moving and form-giving mold components

Caps and closures

Ejector pins and bushings

Blow mold and forms for PET cores and bottles

Hydraulic components

Pneumatic components

Engine components

Medical and pharmaceutical industry parts Gears

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