The PVD coating technology is applied to the film layer, which is characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance (low friction coefficient), good corrosion resistance, chemical stability and working long time. At the same time, the film layer can greatly improve the surface decoration performance of the workpiece.



The characteristics of PVD coating:


• High hardness


Hardness is an important performance index to measure the degree of compressive deformation of product materials. Let's look at a set of data: HV - Vickers Hardness  A. Nickel layer thickness 0.005 hardness - about 180HV B. Hardness of electroless nickel plating containing phosphorus - about 300HV C. Hardness of aluminum substrate -- about 100HV Hardness of anodized film - about 300HV Hardness of hard anodized film - about 500HV D. Hardness of wet hard chromium electroplating -- about 800HV E. Hardness of the coating produced by PVD process -- about 1600HV



• Excellent adhesion


It can bend over 90 degrees without cracking or peeling (PVD coating holds high adhesion and durability). Other technologies, including electroplating and spraying, cannot be compared.



• Beauty


The film has a wide variety of colors, uniformly colored, delicate and smooth surface, rich in metallic luster and never fading.



• Durable surfaces


High abrasion resistance - scratch resistance, scratch resistance, shedding resistance and cracking resistance. Stable chemical performance -- corrosion resistance, acid resistance and oxidation resistance. In the harsh environment such as sun, humidity and so on do not change color, shedding, damage and so on, performance is stable. Good cleaning - easy to remove paint and handwriting, no traces left.



• Low cost


It reduces the time and cost required to clean and polish plated brass or gold.



• Easy to process


It is applied with wide range of plating materials and good adhension with substrates. You can etch anything you can imagine.



• Environmental protection


It is environmentally sound and avoids chemical poisoning. Although the production process has waste gas emissions and needs to be filtered later, it is basically in the category of green manufacturing, also is harmless to human body and ecological environment.

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